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On March 13th, 2014, Anne Bonfiglio attended the Ben Appelbaum Foundation(BAF) Annual Reception at the Yale Club. Two Board members, Dr. Jennifer White and Geraldine Curulli accompanied her. The Foundation has provided support to PSA and continues to be a resource.


Doreen Berne, Executive Director of BAF is pictured with Anne at the reception.


Geraldine Curulli is pictured with Anne at the reception.

For the past year, PSA has served students attending Expeditionary Learning for Community Leaders, a high school in Coney Island, Brooklyn. All the students come from recent immigrant families from Bangladesh, China, Mexico, and Guatemala, for example. The twenty-one students in our program have been coached and most have had the benefit of the Johnson O’Connor received skill and aptitude test.

PSA is searching for internships for the Juniors in the program for the summer of 2014

PSA engages five coaches, most are professional coaches independently, and who work with the students on a monthly basis, guiding them towards a suitable career. .

Our program normally runs for three years. The latest group of students graduated in June of 2011 from the H.S. of Leadership and Public Service, in New York City. All of them went on to college. Some colleges they are attending are Syracuse University, Ithaca College, Westbury, City Tech, SUNY Purchase, Hunter, College of Staten Island, and the Borough of Manhattan Community College. They identified their careers through testing, coaching and Exploring career classes they attended in our program.

The program calls for professional speakers to be scheduled monthly; they provide either education in business skills or a motivational presentation. Our motivational speakers have been fabulous role models as well as inspiring our students to believe in themselves.

Speakers have included North Fork Bank managers, an author and professional coach, a Baruch College Admissions Director, a MetLife Information Technology Vice-President, a Principal of Response-Able Consulting ( a communications company), a Diversity Director, and a  successful author and professional coach. PSA’s speakers and trainers have benefited large numbers of students at the high schools, and occasionally entire classes or groups consisting of from eighty students to over 200 students attend presentations.

PSA is planning to expand and bring our programs to additional schools. Also, a new innovative program has recently been developed to serve foster children. PSA management is hopeful to be able to partner with an organization to serve  this needy youth group.

PSA is happy to report that it has received funding from the Rotary Club of New York and the Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust, in addition to individual donors. McCann Erickson of New York, the world’s largest and most globally experienced advertising network, created a video for PSA telling our story and appealing for support. AXXIEM Web Solutions has supported PSA with a web site and ongoing support.

Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, the testing organization we work with, is a partner as well. The foundation has been in testing for 80 years and has a full page on their website about its relationship with and support of PSA:

PSA is currently seeking additional interested Board members and is always searching for sponsors.

One student testimonial is included here which is one of many and reinforces the need and the value of our programs.*  It has been heartwarming and wonderful to see how grateful the students and their families have been to PSA and their coaches.

Our entire Board of Directors is working tirelessly to grow our nonprofit. With greater funding, the program could be rolled out to many more schools and hundreds of students.

One student’s Testimonial:
“I remember the interviewing process to get into the PSA program. When I had to sit in front of a group of adults and answer the questions they asked me, I remember how at ease I felt when they laughed at the corny jokes I made. I especially remember walking into the lecture hall in my school and seeing Mrs. Roni Abrams’ smiling, cheerful face.”

“Through the PSA program I have learned that the dream I have of being a doctor was the right choice for me. When I took that test that told me that I was choosing the right career for me, I was relieved. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor but through the PSA program I learned that it was the right choice. Now I can focus on becoming Doctor Taylor Ashley Haynes and in the future being able to take care of my family.”

- Authored by Taylor Haynes


Our supporters include

  • Johnson O'Conner Research Foundation
  • Animal Brands
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Natori
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