Some of our current students were given internships in social media, financial companies, and real estate.

PSA places participants who have identified a career in a job shadowing position. For a week or more, the student observes a person in a work environment performing the day-to-day duties of the career. The purpose of this element of the program is to provide the student with a fuller understanding of what a job in the field entails.The job shadowing is tailored to the needs of the individual. Job shadowing for the students has taken place with students in the summer of their Junior year. We have placed students in many fields for internships, with much success.

One of our first students was placed in Forbes Magazine, and another one had an opportunity to observe/learn in a brief stint in a Harlem hospital. This student interested in medicine decided not to enter this field after this exposure to what medicine is really all about. PSA considers this a real success story, since his entire family was in health care, and it was a natural choice for his future.

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