Once a student is accepted in the program, he/she receives aptitude/skill testing administered by the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, a national testing organization. This nonprofit scientific research and education organization is committed to studying human abilities, providing people with knowledge that will help them make school and work decisions.

Test Measurements

Students take a comprehensive battery of tests to measure their natural talents, special abilities for doing or learning to do certain things, and other aptitudes. Measured traits are highly-stable over the long term. Aptitudes tested include perceptual speed, musical ability, spatial visualization and memory for numbers, to name a few.

Test Results

Test results will provide each student with an inventory of his/her aptitudes and examples of types of work that combine these aptitudes

Student Career Choices

Selecting a career that uses a student’s aptitudes will more likely result in long-term work enjoyment and success. The Foundation will suggest possible careers to students, as well as those that would not be suitable for their skill sets.
The information is provided to each student at a session at the Foundation. Also in attendance are the student’s parent/guardian and PSA-assigned professional coach.

The Organization

The Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation is a nonprofit scientific research and educational organization. Since 1922, hundreds of thousands of people have used the Foundation’s aptitude testing service to learn more about themselves so they can more successful in their careers and lives.

JOCRF and PSA—Helping students together

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